Sunday, 5 May 2013

Stylish flower

I am a big fan of the oriental crochet books. The designs are very nice. Very well blocked and then photographed in a no-nonsense way. The diagrams are very clear and I have not noticed any design flaws so far.

A while ago I found this book and the flower on the cover always stayed in my mind. So simple and so subtle.

A few days ago, on the 30th of April, our queen Beatrix abdicated and passed the crown over to her son Willem-Alexander. Despite living in Amsterdam I decided not to go into town but stay home and watch the ceremonies on TV. The broadcast started at around 8 am and finished around 9.30 pm. So many hours to crochet in front of the TV. So I finally started the flower.

I used Durable Glanskatoen nr 12 ecru and a 2 mm hook. I'm not sure what the brand of the pink thread is. This skein was a hand-me-down.
The chart and design was very simple. I soon noticed that my flower was going to be huge compared to the one in the picture. Way bigger than I expected. The finished flower is about 11 cm -just over 4 inch- in diameter. Next time I'll use much thinner thread. I made the stamen of single strands with a single knot at the end.

The chart:

The result:

I really like the wave.

Maybe for handy to know for future projects:

It was a fun and easy project. 

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