Thursday, 16 May 2013

Flower curtain

Spring has sprung, trees turning green outside.
Inside just one plant, no flowers. I did have some crocheted flowers on the wall, but I took them down this weekend.

So new plan: add some color somehow.

PIC crystals

I found some crystals which I hung in the window. That would give nice colors when the sun shines on them. I also used the two pink crystals I bought recently at the thrift store.
It was still a bit bare. And again I had been looking at garlands etc for some time. Wanted to make them but never did.
I designed a simple flower, made a few in several colors and added them to the crystal curtain.
It looks lovely. The flowers blowing in the wind, and the sun playing with the crystals.

PIC flower
PIC chart
PIC curtain

Used: |
Cotton yarn in various colors
2mm hook.

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