Thursday, 23 May 2013

Colorful coaster - pattern

The pattern to a colorful coasters.

Note: in row 5 you will be making puff stitches. These should not be too tall, because otherwise the coaster won't be flat: the inner 4 rows will bulge as you can see in the green coaster.

1. Magic circle
2. Ch2, 13dc
3. Ch1, (sc, ch1), rpt
4. Ch1, (hdc, ch1), rpt
5. Ch2, (puff stitch of 3 loops, ch2), rpt --------- Note: don't make the puffs to tall.
6. (3sc, ch1), rpt
7. (sc, 8dc), rpt. Fasten-off and weave in ends.

Sc through row 7 using same color as the puff stitches in row 5
Sc through row 6 using same color as row 3.

I have used standard cotton yarn on a 3mm hook. The coaster is about 8.5cm.
Pattern is in US terminology.

As always I'd like to know if you have any problems following the pattern.
I'd love to see how your coaster turned out!

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