Sunday, 5 May 2013

Stuffed animal: to post pics or not?

Am now doing a small knitting project.
It was supposed to be a naive small bunny or bear or what ever animal. A small stuffed toy. I planned to use it to as a sort of wedge under my smartphone to get the phone in a more comfortable angle for internet surfing in bed.

I made the faceless body and left it for a couple of days. I planned to knit a girlfriend for him later. I also planned to knit a sweater for it and give it a face. But what to do with the bottom half: trousers or long sweater to cover its non-existing private bits?
Then I decided to give him a complete set of private bits. Why not?

Yesterday I have attached them and it looks very funny and -if I may say so- very well executed. Me, the creator -not with capital c- made a design flaw though: the poor guy can't reach his bits because the arms are to short.

Anyway, do I post pictures and details or not? Do I blur the bits?
Thought about it and decided to post it anyway. How many people will see this blog anyway.

Since I am an absolute knitting novice I am now stuck: don't know how to finish the sweater.
The briefs are also not very haute couture.
Oh well, gotto start somewhere.

Hope I won't get blocked from Blogger by posting this. Let's call it 'art'.

Very boring. Clearly something is missing.

Much better!

I won't post close-up pics. Am a bit of a woos.

The body was made with 16st in dpns. No idea how many rows. Arms and legs were all made with 4st i-cords. Arms were made separate and attached later. Ears were a 3st i-cord.

The girlfriend will get a set of boobies. Should not be too difficult to design.
And with a thin thread I will crochet a nice lingerie set.

All knitted with 2.5mm DPNs. Private bits: crochet hook 2mm.
Yarn used:
Body: Durable Glanskatoen nr 10, undied.
Briefs: Durable breikatoen, nr 12, white.
Sweater: Wibra coton.

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