Saturday, 27 April 2013

Where it all started

A year ago I bought myself 4 skeins of cotton and a crochet hook. I wanted to make something, but had no idea what to make.

So after hours of searching on the web for small projects -here starts the addiction-, I decided to make a heart:

That was fun!
In the meanwhile I learned how to read patterns. Discovered that UK terminology is different to US terminology. Allthough I am dutch, I still find it difficult to read patterns in dutch. That's the result of watching YouTube instruction videos and browsing the web in english.

Despite the growing love for crochet and the need to increase my stash and tools I managed to stick to the things I bought the first time.
Because it was close to Easter and I wanted to master the technique to make a ball, I made an egg. Many curses later after countless times recounting stitches the egg was finished:
(photo taken from the best angle)

There are not many craft stores left nowadays. There used to be a few good ones close by where my mother and young me bought skeins of cotton yarn. Now I have to travel miles to the next craft store. There are plenty stores on the internet, but I like to see and touch the things I might buy. 

My next splurge was on thin cotton and some wooden beads. I wanted glass beads but was shocked to see what they cost, so I went for the cheaper option. 

It was fun to make and wore it every day. Unfortunately it soon broke at the button loop.

I love flowers. Spring had not sprung yet. So why not make my own flowers? I purchased the book by .... and wanted to make all the crocheted flowers in the book. Since the instructions were not that clear for the beginner I was and because the instructions were in dutch I only made a few of the flowers. 
As you can see on the picture I still had much to learn:

Time for a bigger project. I had glared at some beautiful afghans for some time now. On Attic24's blog I found the pattern for a blanket I decided to make. Lots of fun making the hexagons... the first few. It was less fun when I discovered the agony of getting rid of all the ends.
Now A year later the blanket is still baby size, tucked away in a box. I might pick it up again later this year.

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